AQUACHLORINE electrochemical system consisting of a patented electrochemical element and an original patented hydraulic circuit that allows eliminating many process and design components that are integral to regular electrolysis circuits. This solution results in a much simpler and more reliable design as well as lower equipment costs, making AQUACHLORINE a market leader among electrolysis systems and reducing salt and electric energy consumption to the absolute minimum.

We are also introducing cutting-edge automation and control elements that bring AQUACHLORINE to a whole new level - from a system to an entire complex. AQUACHLORINE complexes are ready-to-use automated solutions for many industries and applications where accurate metering of injected oxidants with feedback to the electrolysis system is required.
In addition, our specialists will develop customized process solutions for your production facilities meeting your specific usage conditions and parameters.
Electrolysis installation AQUACHLORINE is a system for obtaining a solution of a mixture of oxidants (Anolyte) on the site of application, presents, wet mixture of chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone, peroxide value saturated compounds, instead of the technology of water disinfection with liquid chlorine used in the disinfection process of drinking water treatment plants water utility and drinking water supply (of any capacity); installations for the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater; water treatment systems for swimming pools.