Smart Energy meters

One &three-phase, multifunctional, active/reactive, multi-tariff. Meters
Measuring and tariff registration of active and reactive energy and power in one direction or two directions. Registration of losses.

  • Accuracy class A/R: 0,2S/0,5; 0,5S/1,0; 1,0/2,0
  • Nom. voltage: 57,7 V; 230 V
  • Nom. current 1A; 5А; 10А (max. up to100 А)

Meter measures three-phase network values (phase currents, voltages, power, etc.),stores load profile and losses profile, keeps events journal, controls load. Great choice of interfaces for application in different AMR including PLC modem.Load shed built-in relay. If included in meter network combined through rs485 interface in provides remote access to any meter through GSM channel.


BREAKER 16 - 250А Breaker1

Circuit breakers series VA57-35 for currents from 16 up to 250 A intended to conduct current in the normal mode and the current is switched off at short circuits, overloads, unacceptable voltage drops, as well as for infrequent ope
rative inclusions and switching-off of electric circuits and is designed for operation in electrical installations with nominal voltage up to 690 V AC frequency 50 and 60 Hz.


BREAKER 1000 - 2000А Breaker2

Automatic block 3 pole AC switch limits switching capacity in alternating current of 63 kA for rated current 2000,circuit Breaker automatic.



BREAKER Electron bro 6300А

Automatic circuit breaker "Electron Pro" is a modern, ready-to-use product designed to replace the historic circuit breakers series "Electron" without replacing enclosure and perform complex electrical work reconnecting the cables and tires. Breaker3
Benefits of moving to the "Pro Electron":

  1. Savings in capital costs compared to a complete replacement of the TCU
  2. The reliability of LSD, life extension
  3. Reduced operating costs
  4. Increasing the level of safety of the personnel
  5. The minimum off-time consumers
  6. Connects to existing busbars
  7. Connector accessories connector identical to the switches a series of "Electron


insulatorINSULATORS 33-400 kV