Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Advantages:ultrasonic flow meter

  • Independent of power failure and power-off;
  • High stability of measurement;
  • Return flow indication;
  • Short straight pipe runs required for installation;
  • Protection against unauthorized access;
  • Suitable for mounting on polymer pipes;
  • Independent of water pollution level, filters not required;
  • Electronic unit can be mounted separately (on request);
  • Recording of data in two separate registers;
  • Can be mounted in both flow and return pipe;
  • Complies with the European standard EN 1434 "Heat meters" parts 1+6;
  • Tariff functions available;
  • AMR data acquisition;
  • Data reading via IR (optical) interface.


Parameter Value
Pipe size, DN, mm 15
Connection to the pipeline, threaded G 1/2, 3/4
Mounting lenght, mm 110 - 165
Accuracy, % from 2.0
Maximum pipeline pressure, MPa/bar 1,6 / 16
Fluid temperature range, °C 5 + 130
Ambient temperature range, °C 5 + 55
Protection IP65 (IP67/68 - on request)
Maximum value of thermal power 5,28 MW
Lithium battery life, years

not less than 11


Optional plug in modules:
M-Bus module;
Modbus module;
CL-module (current loop);
RF-module 868 MHz:

Design (material):
flow part - brass;
8-digit LCD;
Temperature sensors Pt500 DS type, stainless steel.