ANPR computer mobile system PARKRIGHT

Abstract of ParkRight ANPR computer system ParkRight

     ParkRight ANPR computer system is based on the ParkRight software to register violations of Traffic Code. The computer system is appropriate for using in the passenger compartment of a vehicle. ParkRight can be set in any car and this does not require much time. An IR projector is supplied so that ParkRight operates during night hours. parking 1

     The computer system is used to register violations of parking and stopping; passing crosswalks, fixed-route transport lines, moving to the wrong side and other types of violations that require the vehicle photo with recognized number plate, a photo and video of the surveillance camera to be proved. The video can be divided into frames and printed if needed.

     anprThe computer system operates in auto mode, though when registering some types of violations the operator may use the manual control mode. Regardless of the current operation mode, the system inspects automatically all the vehicles, located in the camera control zone, by using the search data base.

     Once wanted vehicle is registered the operator gets a visual and sound notification of detection. The data received during patrolling are passed automatically from the computer system to the data processing centre using wireless communication lines.


        ParkRight ANPR computer system has a few versions. Different modifications of the computer system helps to chose the most suitable model for each specific function, which enables the users to fulfill the tasks of inspection.

     Types of violations registered by ParkRight computer system: 

  • Parking and stopping violations;
  • Parking on public transport stops;
  • Passing and parking on fixed route transport lines;
  • Moving to the wrong side line;
  • Parking on crosswalks;
  • Crosswalks passing violation;
  • Stopping on street railway, railway crossings, in tunnels, on bridges etc. Moreover, ParkRight computer system carries out vehicle search in data bases.


     ParkRight computer system can also be set in public transport – buses, rolleybuses and trams for auto registration of vehicles passing over the fixed route transport lines and prohibited parking on public transport stops.