Safe City

Safe City1    

The modern city is a complex multilevel structure. It consists of many sub-systems - transport, telecommunications systems, electricity and water supply, as well as many others who operate and interact with each other. For the control of all urban systems, security, and every inhabitant of the weak points of urban infrastructure, receiving and archiving of all important events and the prompt provision of this information to all interested services need not separate street surveillance system, and an integrated information system that can accumulate, merge, analyze and classify heterogeneous data from multiple sources. That such a system is a Safe City.

     Project Safe city - a software package using video analytics solutions, which helps to quickly identify and respond quickly to any kind of emergency situations, as well as reduce the time to take action to address their consequences.
Safe City system. Typical objects of control:

  • Residential (porches, yardarea);
  • Municipal buildings, schools and kindergartens;
  • IndustrialandEnergysectors;
  • transport infrastructure (roadways, stop and shops, public transport, railway stations and airports, subway);
  • Crowdedplaces.

Safe City system.main aims and objectives:

  • ensuring the protection of public order and public safety;
  • increasing the effectiveness of operational services: MVD, traffic police and other, to coordinate their actions;
  • suppression of anti-social behavior and vandalism;
  • opportunity to obtain information from the sites of the city and access to video archives;
  • in silence protection of strategically important objects of the city;
  • increasing the speed of notification and the provision of relevant information to the public about the threat of crisis situations.



Mobile software for police and transport police officers; Fixed surveillance cameras integrated into the urban landscape; Cameras in transport infrastructure facilities (subway, airports, railway stations); Cameras for government establishments, police departments, sensitive sites, etc.

Safe City2

FindFace Technology

World’s best

  • Best result in the MegaFace contest;
  • Identification (1:N search) accuracy: 80% (Betaface showed just 49% and SkBiometry did not exceed 10%; our tests)
  • Verification (1:1 comparison) accuracy: 99%+

Fast and Accurate

  • Works with low resolution images (such as from surveillance cameras);
  • High efficiency with HD cameras due to low computational requirements;
  • Tolerant to variations in position (subject don’t have to look at camera);
  • Tolerant to obstructions such as sunglasses or partly covered face;
  • Proven efficiency on very large databases (search 250M photos in less than 0.2 seconds);



Safe City3Video analytics and CCTV systems are used for surveillance, security and protection of strategic facilities, such as airports, railway stations, power stations. They are also used for commercial buildings (offices, retail, warehouse and industrial premises) and transport infrastructure.

Technology behind (50 RPS on 5 servers).

The security and protection system can identify and record infringed events through smart cameras, including:

  • Alarm staff on suspicious movements
  • Alarm about the presence of people in the forbidden areas
  • Follow-up events moving from one area to another and determine their directions and record them
  • The ability to draw on the screen forbidden borders and receive warnings when breached
  • Automatic recognition in case of fire & smoke
  • Automatic recognition of Identify the foreign objects left on port
  • Identify all the events that have been committed since the period in a specific area in the port
  • Collect all the events that have been committed for chosen period of time in a specific area
  • The possibility of reviewing all events recorded