Smart Transport

Our aim is to make daily public transportation more simple, attractive, cost-effective, comfortable and smart. We are focused to give private businesses, government and municipalities the newest technologies, with high standard of service and support, for the integration of the public transport e-ticketing systems from the local to the national levels.
We bear responsibility for the quality of our solutions, striving to make each day a step to a brighter future.
We were founded with the purpose to create, finance, manage and pass the latest technological developments to the infrastructure of public transport, trams and trolleybuses.

  • 1 stage. Creation of the system - introduction and adaptation;
  • 2 stage. System management - support of the whole system during 12 years, including distribution of tickets and support of client center;
  • 3 stage. Transmission of the system – upon agreement completion, the municipal enterprise will become the owner of the electronic ticketing system.


Main functionalities of e-ticket system:

OPEN TECHNOLOGIES smart transport 1
This is the main trend in e-ticketing worldwide: to be open to various types of smart cards, smart tickets, contactless bank cards, mobile phones i.e. to accept the preferred payments means of the passengers.

Open to various means of transport: buses, trams, trolleybuses, trains, regional routes buses, microbuses, taxi, park & ride system etc...

Able to manage data of various transport operators by guaranteeing the data integrity and confidentiality between various operators.

We manage the clearing of operations between our various clients who share e-talons as their e-ticket

We made a technological revolution to be the first country on ex-Soviet Union territory to invest in such a modern system... and the revolution continues!