Modern automated system for port work and safety


What you will get? port

  • Less human error
  • Less manual work
  • Full containers tracking
  • Time control
  • Safety port

Raise the production by at least 30% without any radical change in the Port


Software for marine ports and terminals

Port gate Automation

  • Export data from country border system to port system then to port system, about truck number, driver name and etc. port gate
  • From border system  or Importer, the driver receives a receipt with a map of the location of container serial number date and time of receipt
  • Cameras recognize the truck number and give order to open the gate
  • Weigh the empty truck and send it to the  database
  • Weigh the truck with Container
  • Compare the weights of data stored in the system and issue an order to the gate to open
  • Export data to the database and then to the Aqaba borders system about the truck and container


Port logistical system

  • Online interface with the port system for incoming containers
  • Import/export data between the portand our  port system which include (Ship name, container's number, time of arrival, etc.)
  • Analyzing the approximate time required for loading and unloading
  • Report from the pier cameras on the status of cranes
  • Live reports from the garage cameras on the status of cars, types, and who must be permitted to transport the incoming shipments
  • Live reports from the storage area cameras on where are free vacant sites for new incoming containers
  • Processing data of the incoming containers instantly and reroute shipment to different ports in other countries
  • Moreover, align containers which hold goods that will expire sooner to process them first port container


Port storing containers

  • Export the data and images from crane's cameras to the system and then the system determines immediately the location of containers to be loaded
  • The driver's monitor shows which containers required for and its location
  • Directing the crane automatically to the site of containers
  • Process required data and determines the types of cars and how many needed to load
  • The truck driver will receive a report of the port crane pier number, container number, unloading time, and storage yard and crane numbers


Port security

The security and protection system can identify and record infringed events through smart cameras, including:

  • Alarm staff on suspicious movements port security
  • Alarm about the presence of people in the forbidden areas
  • Follow-up events moving from one area to another and determine their directions and record them
  • The ability to draw on the screen forbidden borders and receive warnings when breached
  • Automatic recognition in case of fire & smoke
  • Automatic recognition of Identify the foreign objects left on port
  • Identify all the events that have been committed since the period in a specific area in the port
  • Collect all the events that have been committed for chosen period of time in a specific area
  • The possibility of reviewing all events recorded
  • Radar system is designed to be used in surveillance and security systems, including security systems integrated with video cameras and other sensors.
  • Face recognition system