Smart Video Radar

is a hardware-software complex used at stationary traffic checkpoints for automatic non-radar speed measurement of vehicles passing through the camera field ofview. video radar street


The advantages of AvtoUragan over radar systems are obvious:

  • since no radiating elements (radars) are used, the system cannot be detected by antiradars;
  • the system only measures speed of the vehicle that has its number plate captured by camera and thus the problem of "wrong speed assignment" is completely eliminated;
  • due to its special setup features, the AvtoUragan system surpasses radar systems in quality of speed measurement;
  • the comparative test of AvtoUragan indicated that its speed measurement limit is higher than that of radar complexes (265 km/h for AvtoUraganagainst 245 km/h for radars).



    • speed measurement range: from 1 to 255 km/h.
    • maximum speed measurement error in the most unfavorable conditions does not exceed ±5%.
    • independent speed measurement of all vehicles simultaneously located within the field of view.
    • the mounting height of a number plate is calculated by special software for each vehicle independently.
    • the possibility of assigning the measured speed to the wrong vehicle is completely eliminated.
    • the camera can be mounted on arched structures over roads or cantilever supports. The camera can be placed with significant deviation from the traffic lane center. "Beyond the lane" installation is also possible. The maximum deviation from traffic moving direction - up to 30 º.
    • measurement regardless of traffic moving direction: by front and rear number plates, approaching and receding.
    • speed measurement by all supported number plate types, including doubleline ones, regardless of their color, form, size and country. Currently, there are about 300 types supported.
    • no external factors have impact on measurement results.
    • measuring cameras cannot be remotely detected by any equipment